Homemade fast-food creations are pretty popular at the moment, but we’re giving a massive shout out to this dad who managed to recreate the whole Maccas menu.

A bloke by the name of Jamie Rust, who hails from Essex in the UK, recently entered a competition being run by Altons BBQ World.

Essentially, the pitch for the Restaurant Roulette challenge was to try and re-create classic dishes from fast food chains, including KFC, Nandos and McDonald’s.

So Jamie got down to business, using some of the grilling skills he had taught himself during lockdown, and spending 60 quid (around $110 AUD) to buy all his ingredients.

Then he set about re-creating his own version of classic burgers including the Big Mac and Filet-O-Fish, plus McMuffins and Cheeseburgers, chips, Hot Cakes, Apple Pie and even a bloody McFlurry!

“I’m a keen BBQer, taking it more seriously during lockdown, because let’s be honest, there’s been bugger all else to do,” he told Ladbible.

“And I’ve been really pushing myself to create new and interesting things on the BBQ.”

To get fully authentic, he apparently sent one of his kids to the local Maccas to get some packaging, and even made himself a uniform to add to the authenticity.

“I cooked 99 percent of the whole menu, made my own Maccies uniform, and even made a custom Lego toy that looked like me with a set of tongs and a BBQ,” he said.

“The Sausage and Egg McMuffin and Chicken Legend were identical! Everything else was better than Maccies because of the fresh ingredients and seasoning.”

Suffice to say, he won the Restaurant Roulette competition, with a score of 9.8/10.

So Jamie is on to the next round.

“We’ve not agreed which five restaurants will be up for grabs but I’m hoping for Wagamama to really challenge me and see how creative I can get with the grill,” he added.

“I’d also like to have a go at something completely random, baking maybe. Krispy Kremes or something. I did a Simpsons-style doughnut at the start of lockdown and that was fun to recreate.”

If you want to check out more of his creations follow Jamie on Instagram.

Check out the full Maccas menu re-creation:

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?? RESTAURANT ROULETTE McDonald’s on the BBQ ?? Here is the full spread after a crazy 24hrs prepping and cooking my entry for the final week of @altonsbbqworld Restaurant Roulette competition. List of things cooked/made: – big mac with @ditchbrisket big mac sauce – double sausage and egg mcmuffin – pancakes with sausage pattie – hash browns – mcchicken sandwich – chicken legend – fries – quarter pounder – filet o fish – chicken nuggets (following the 4 authentic shapes) – cheeseburger happy meal (with limited edition Bro ‘n Slo action figure ?) including carrot bag – oreo and smarties mcflurries – strawberry milkshake – apple pie I’ve really pushed myself with this cook, learned how to shape nuggets and chicken burgers, steam fried eggs, double deep fried fries, fried apple pies and so much more. It’s been a great challenge and massive thank you to Jay @altonsbbqworld and all the other lads @good_rub @sosij_uk @gbgrillmaster @bebops_bbq @the_seasoned_blog @ditchbrisket @bikes_and_bbq_81 @winnsbbq for running such an epic show over the past 9 weeks! #mcdonalds #RESTAURANTROULETTE #bronslo #burger #Cheeseburger #maccies #maccyds #fries #sluttybbq #barbecue #bbq #ukbbq #lockdown #lockdownbbqshow #foodie #foodblogger #foodblog #instafood #fakeaway #takeaway #outdoorcooking #kamadojoe #grilling #sausage #dinner #breakfast #delicious #tasty #fat #diet For licensing/usage requests please email [email protected]

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