Facebook isn’t exactly in the good books right now, but we digress. Particularly as their latest offshoot, BARS, is one that no one really saw coming.

Thanks to their latest app, BARS, just about anyone with a smart phone and an affinity for rap can become a rapper.

So how does it work? As per TechCrunch, users of the app will be able to choose from hundreds of professionally created beats to start things off.

They’ll then go on to write their own lyrics and finally record a video. By the end of it, they’ll have themselves a self-recorded sixty-second rap vid.

BARS also has the ability to automatically suggest rhymes as users write their lyrics, as well as offering a range of audio and visual filters. Oh, and we can’t forget, there’s also an autotune feature… naturally.

Further reported by TechCrunchthe pandemic has played a vital role in Facebook’s latest move, or shall we say app. Facebook has stated that the app is predominantly targeted at rappers as the global shutdown of access to live music put a halt on new music.

BARS community manager, DJ Iyer aka D-Lucks, who’s also a hip hop songwriter and ghostwriter stated, “I know access to high-priced recording studios and production equipment can be limited for aspiring rappers. On top of that, the global pandemic shut down live performances where we often create and share our work.”

Although the app has supposedly been designed and marketed for those in the rap space, who’s to say that the everyday rap enthusiast isn’t about to download it, too?

On the flip-side, people have already drawn the parallels between the new rap app and the platform of the moment: TikTok.

Following on from the report by TechCrunchthe app also lets you post your videos to a TikTok-esque feed, where other users can allegedly ‘like’ it, by reacting to it as “fire”.

This obviously isn’t the first time Zuck has made an attempt at trying to finesse TikTok. Last year, Instagram launched the Reels function.

Right now the BARS app is currently available for download on the App Store. Is it only be a matter of time until BARS lands on Australian shores?

Check out the BARS promo video on TikTok below.


BARS is officially live in the App Store! Reserve your username and get early access now at bars.app

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