Reddit is facing yet another debate, but this time it is on the merits of fairy bread. Is it the true Aussie cultural staple we’ve hyped it up to be all these years, or is it simply “poor people’s cake”?

U/sillystorm28 on r/australia yesterday posted a picture of the iconic breaded delight with the title “Fairy bread :D”, sparking comments filled with stories of Aussies in other countries.

One user, u/shortbutsweet_77, spoke about his endeavour in London and how the Brits clearly didn’t appreciate the dish the way they should’ve.

“I made a big platter. I was pretty excited!” They wrote. “Only the Australians touched it. Everyone else looked disgusted. They were wrong. I live back in Australia now where I can indulge anytime without judgement.”

Others commented on whether the Aussie delicacy was prepared in the legitimate way.

“Now you just need to leave it on the table for like four hours and it’ll be that perfect level of dry and crusty for the true party experience,” another user wrote.

“Tell me you didn’t just post multigrain bread and try to pass it off as fairy bread??” Commented an indignant fairy bread connoisseur.

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“Triangles, mate….triangles!!!” said a user who was very adamant on the way the delight was supposed to be cut. Not cutting it is simply not good enough.

Others commented below on the phenomenon of using Nutella instead of the classic margarine.

Recently, the name fairy bread came under scrutiny and a petition was created due to the apparent “outdated and offensive” name.

View the entire delightful thread below: