Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal are giants of the internet, whether you know it or not. Hosting the weekday talk show Good Mythical Morning (or GMM) since the start of 2012, the North Carolina natives now have more than 13 million subscribers and average 100 million views a month. Coming to Australia for the first time this month, they’ve easily sold huge numbers of tickets at all three dates of their live show.

Considering that some of GMM’s most popular episodes involve food challenges and blind taste tests – which has seen the duo dig into crayon butter, gelato made from hair gel and birthday cake comprising lipstick and other makeup – they’re understandably keen to dive headfirst into Australia’s unique edible offerings. So do they have a list of food-related goals while here?

“That list is growing,” says McLaughlin. “We’ve had Tim Tams already, but I think having them on Australian soil will enhance the experience.” The pair are each bringing their families, so their Aussie debut will double as a proper holiday. They won’t be shooting anything while here, but they will post Instagram stories from the trip. And last year they devoted an entire episode to Aussie slang.

If McLaughlin and Neal’s fame seems unlikely from the outside, even a quick glimpse of their show immediately teases out their broad appeal.