Gogglebox Australia is on the hunt for its season 11 cast. So if you’ve ever wanted to forge a career bedhopping your way through various TV Shows on the 10 Network, now is your chance.

We’re fairly certain that everyone that’s ever watched Gogglebox has thought that they’d have the chops to come up with enough running commentary to survive a season. Personally I reckon I would commit a cancellable offence within the first episode, so I will not be putting myself forward for this season. However, if you think you and your housemates, or your family, or you, alone, in your studio apartment, reckon you could provide a few belly laughs to the Australian public then we urge you to follow your dreams.

To apply you must be either an Australian citizen or permanent resident — which is a god damn shame because I would love to watch a coupla Brits abroad muse on the absolutely mundanity that is Australian television. You’ve also got to be based in Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Melbourne.

Your application will need to include a video, two to four minutes long, of you in your flat, for producers to determine whether or not your existence is deemed worthy of gracing the idiot box nationally.

To apply, head here. Good luck!