UK police have arrested a 17-year-old hacker, whom sources believe is allegedly connected to the GTA 6 and Rockstar Games hacking.

UK Police have arrested a 17-year-old, allegedly connected to the Rockstar Games hacking which led to data associated with Grand Theft Auto being leaked. 

As reported by the BBC, the National Crime Agency arrested the unnamed teenager in Oxfordshire, as part of an investigation led by the National Cyber Crime Unit. Details about the investigation were not disclosed, although the police confirmed that the teen was in custody. 

Shortly after, Matthew Keys on Twitter stated that a source had confirmed that the arrest was related to the cyber attack on Rockstar Games and ‘possibly’ Uber Technologies. According to Keys, the suspect is allegedly connected to a group referring to themselves as ‘Lapsus$’, who operate primarily on Telegram. 

More details are expected to arrive later today. 

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The arrest comes days after a massive cyber attack on Rockstar Games, during which a hacker by the alias Teapotuberhacker stole crucial data, including the source code for Grand Theft Auto 5. The hacker also posted footage approximating 50 minutes from a WIP version of Grand Theft Auto 6 on GTAForums, and claimed that they would ‘negotiate a deal’ with Rockstar to return the information, including the source code. 

After the company confirmed news of the leak, the hacker also revealed that they had obtained the footage from Rockstar’s Slack channel, where they claimed all videos had been shared and were downloadable from. 

In addition to the Rockstar Games data breach, Teapotuberhacker also claimed to be the mind behind the recent attack on Uber Technologies.

While the modus operandi for both was similar – hackers used slack channels to break into the company server – the Uber attack was much more sensitive. Hackers were able to gain access to the entire Uber internal network and reportedly also impacted the initial emergency response to the attack itself. 

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