Guy Sebastian has shared an embarrassing story that many parents may be able to relate to; the tale of being caught having sex by your own kids.

Sebastian revealed that he was mid way through the intimate act with wife Jules Sebastian when his kid walked in.

“I don’t know how much Jules will like me saying this,” he began the story during an appearance on Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa radio show.

Sebastian then joked about trying to find away to cover up what was really happening.

“And then the excuse … I mean what excuse do you use? [Do] you use the wrestling thing?… [I’m] sure a lot of parents can relate.”

“We’ve got two young kids and you’re just trying to find any time for each other, like, whatsoever. And then you get that once in six months, little bit of time and they still managed to ruin it,” he said. “All we’re asking for is 90 seconds.”

Sebastian shot to fame after winning the first season of Australian Idol. He is a devout Christian and his virginity was somewhat of a storyline on the show.

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Sebastian met Jules at a church group when they were 13 and the pair married in 2008. Both Sebastian and his wife waited until they were married to have sex for the first time.

“It was definitely a world that opened up for me and it was great,” Guy told of losing his virginity.

“I’m very lucky to still be in love and still have a wife I’m very attracted to. It was worth the wait.”

Last year, Guy Sebastian found himself in hot water after withdrawing his support for the live performance industry’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign, #VAXTHENATION.

However, Sebastian has since clarified that he is fully vaccinated against COVID and is pro-vaxx.

“I’ve been very clear of my stance. Personally, I am pro-vax … but if your doctor has said that you have a certain condition which is something you have to consider, which puts you in a high risk category [for the vaccine], then we have to follow the advice of our medical professionals,” he said.

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