Dating app Hinge has announced that they are adding a “dating intentions” feature to their app and users will be able to choose from six different options to display on their profile.

The dating intentions feature is aimed to help users understand what each of their matches is looking for, and judge whether they have similar aims.

The categories are broken down into the six options listed below.

  • Life partner: Dating with the intention to find someone to share life with, including considerations of marriage, children, finances, living arrangements, etc.

  • Long-term relationship: Forming connections while considering future compatibility with your potential partner. They may explore thoughts about marriage, children, future ideal living situations, etc. They’ll assess partners with attention to how they can meet their needs years from now.

  • Short-term relationship: Focusing on how the relationship feels in the present without worrying about long-term compatibility. This is for daters that want to further explore what they want out of meaningful connections without the explicit intention to enter a long-term relationship or life partnership.

  • Figuring out my dating goals: Dating while not sure of what type of relationship they want, but are open to exploring what works best for them and their connection

  • Long-term relationship, open to short-term
    and short-term relationship, open to long-term: Dating with a primary goal in mind but open to exploring a different type of relationship depending on the connection and individual

Dating Intentions have already launched on Hinge. If you can’t see the option on your profile, try updating your app. To set your dating intention feature, follow the steps below.

  1. In Edit Profile under Settings, users can select to add a Dating Intention.
  2. Users can select from the following: Life partner, Long-term, Long-term, open to short-term, Short-term, open to long-term, Short-term, or Figuring it out.
  3. Once users select a Dating Intention, an optional open text box will appear where users can express their dating goals in their own words.
  4. After writing in their answer and clicking ‘done,’ the Dating Intention will be added and displayed on their profile.

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