A few videos uploaded to TikTok have divided the people of the internet, with one user sharing short clips that he claims show how McDonald’s famous hotcakes are made. In another clip, he supposedly shows how the good people at Maccas cook their eggs.

User SeanFordd has racked up almost 3.5 million views on his hotcakes video, another over 20 million on his eggs clip.

The first video, captioned with ‘How McDonald’s Cooks Hotcakes’, shows a worker pouring three circles of pancake mix on a large hotplate. Then a pressing machine comes down and presses them into perfectly cooked hotcakes in no time at all.

The whole process looks pretty legit on first watch, but many commenters including current and ex-Maccas employees have claimed the clip is nothing close to how the process of making hotcakes really happens.

“They are frozen in Australia. When I used to work for McDonald’s I got a meal on my shift break and they were still frozen,” said one.

“The ones in Canada are frozen like eggo waffles we reheat them,” agreed another.

Check out ‘How McDonald’s Cooks Hotcakes’:


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So is the clip fake? Most likely, unless it’s from some rogue country where hotcakes are made on the spot.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s Australia told news.com.au that hotcakes come frozen here. “Our hot cakes are made by our local bakery supplier using 100 per cent Aussie wheat. They’re then heated to order in our restaurants,” they said.

So what about the egg video?

The clip itself shows three eggs on a tray being shoved into a microwave, and coming out after one minute, perfectly formed and looking like exact McDonald’s eggs.

While we can’t rule it out entirely, the comments on the video are even more overwhelming than on the hotcakes clip. “Absolutely not. I work at McDonald’s,” claimed one.

“I’m a manager at McDonald’s and this cooking method isn’t true. We have egg cookers for making perfectly round eggs,” said another.

Maybe some employees do use this method, as one admitted; “I did this once and my manager yelled at me.”

Check it out below and judge for yourself.

Maccas also recently turned 80 years old, so here at The Brag we counted down the best treats from the history of the chain.


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