Australian influencer Em Davies has asked her followers if they think she and her friend will “regret” eating a “weed brownie” on the way to Bali.

Davies – who boasts 368,000 followers on Instagram – posted and deleted an IG story with a question box that read, “Are we going to regret this weed brownie on our way to the airport?” Followers had the option to vote yes or no to the question.

The influencer was travelling to the airport to catch a flight to Bali with her friend Lily Brown, who has 343,000 followers on Instagram.

Though the post has since been deleted, influencer watchdog Instagram page Celeb Spellcheck screenshotted the story and posted it to their page.

Weed brownie

Although the women were considering eating the brownie in Australia, Indonesia has some of the strictest drug laws in the world, and carriers of large quantities of illegal narcotics risk death by firing squad. Even people who consume a small amount of marijuana while in the country can face serious punishment.

The comments section on Celeb_spellcheck’s post blew up, with hundreds of social media users questioning why the women would post the story.

“On the way to Bali? Yeah nothing bad ever happened to anyone who mixed Bali and weed,” one person commented sarcastically. Celeb_spellcheck replied, “@schapelle_corby thoughts?”

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Corby was arrested in Bali for smuggling marijuana in a bodyboard bag in 2004 and convicted on drug charges. She was released from Kerobokan prison in 2014 after serving nine years.

Almost immediately after her arrest, Corby was thrust into the limelight, with thousands of articles being written about her conviction. However, since her release she has enjoyed lucrative media opportunities she’s starred in reality shows SAS Australia and Dancing With The Stars.

Just last week an executive producer for The Bachelor Australia said on live radio that she was being considered for the role of The Bachelorette, following her breakup with her long-term boyfriend Ben Panangian.

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