The Inspired Unemployed boys are back at it again, this time they take aim at Melbourne and its often mocked coffee scene. 

Matt Ford and Jack Steele are the front men for The Inspired Unemployed, which regularly goes viral across social media for their brilliant and hilarious short videos. 

Their most recently published video is no different. This time, Melbourne is the victim of their riotous antics and nothing is more outrageous than every Melbournian’s obsession with coffee (myself included). Some may argue that we are a bunch of coffee snobs (and they may be right). However, I would argue that we just have a more refined palate. 

“The CS down here in Melbourne. It just hits different”

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“What’s the CS?”

“The coffee scene”

In the video, the boys dress like all the cool young cats around the northern suburbs. They arm themselves with their coffee like life or death supplies on the harsh and unforgiving streets of Fitzroy.

“Instant coffee’s f#cked!” yells Steele. Which is something we’ve all muttered as we’ve moved out of our 7/11 $1 short black phase and into our tear jerking priced soy lattes. 

Other highlights include keep cup culture, taking far too many photos of their coffee, ridiculing a patron for drinking decaf and being diagnosed with OCD… Obsessive Coffee Disorder. 

The duo seem to be suggesting that Melbourne has an addiction to coffee and hint that having more than 3 cups of coffee a day is a sign. However, they fail to acknowledge that if I top my mug up before it’s empty, I technically haven’t drunk a cup. That’s just a fact. 

Watch the craziness below! 

The only question that remains is should I have oat, almond, soy, rice, coconut, skinny, or full cream milk with my 7th coffee?

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