Real Housewives of Melbourne star Jackie Gillies has revealed the names of her newborn twins, with one of them serving as a tribute to a Led Zeppelin member. 

Speaking on her Shine It Up podcast, Jackie shared that her twin sons are named Rocco Ivan and Bonham David, after Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham.

“Bonham came from the last name of the late John Bonham, who was a very large influence on me in my musical journey,” explained Jackie’s husband, Silverchair drummer Ben Gillies.

“It was actually Jackie’s suggestion to call one of the boys Bonham. And we decided some time ago when we found out it was boys, that we would have our father’s names as the middle name,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ben went on to explain that Rocco was just “one of the names we just had in a hat,” while Jackie added that “Rocco is just a beautiful name.”

Ben revealed that their sons’ personalities match their names, as Rocci is “a little bit fiery” while Bonham is “a Zen master.”

Jackie also opened up about having had both “good” and “not so good” days since giving birth last month.

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“I have to say, every day… I feel like every day when I wake up I get so excited to see them – between the feeds, that is – after I’ve had a good sleep I’m going ‘oh I miss the already’,” she said.

She continued: “How am I feeling? Today I actually had a tear up. It came out of nowhere, it’s the hormones, the breast pumping, am I doing a good enough job? You sometimes have those thoughts, I mean I do anyway. And you go, is this my life? I love my children so much but it’s just an overwhelming feeling. But it’s okay to have a tear up, you’ve got to let it all out.”

“Oh my god, this mum life. I didn’t know what to expect, but bloody hell. I feel like today is running into tomorrow and tomorrow is running into the next day and I’m just taking it one day at a time. It’s still so surreal that these are my boys and that I’m a mother.”

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Check out Jackie Gillies discussing her twins on Shine It Up:

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