After a supposed ex-classmate of Jed McIntosh alleged The Bachelor star was lying about being bullied, another person has backed the claims.

After an alleged former classmate of Jed McIntosh claimed the The Bachelor star was never bullied in high school – instead, he might have instigated said bullying – another person claiming to be a former classmate of Jed’s has come forward and claimed that the now-reality star was misogynistic and fat-shamed women.

As reported by So Dramatic!, this new source reiterates claims that Jed was allegedly not the social outcast in high school, as he claimed on the show.

“When I watched the episode I laughed so hard… Bunch of BS right out of his mouth,” said the source to So Dramatic!. “He was popular and never dressed flamboyantly and was your standard private schoolboy. He was never one short on friends and attention.”

The source went on to allege that McIntosh ‘bullied’ people and was ‘misogynistic to certain groups of women.’ “He used to talk sh*t about females who were overweight in school, not necessarily to their face but word circled. It stuck with me as I’m big on female empowerment, so when someone like him gets into the spotlight, you remember that sh*t, you know?” Said the source.

This comes shortly after an unnamed person, claiming to be a former classmate of Jed’s, came forward to allege that McIntosh’s claims of being bullied in school for the way he dressed were ‘absolutely full of lies.’

“He was someone that would be mean to other people. He never used to paint his nails [when] he was in my class… Absolutely full of lies.” The person claimed.

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“He was the type to pick on others, he was popular and never bullied… He was always fishing for attention,” they added.

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