In a viral thread from Twitter, Keanu Reeves has once again shown that it’s possible to be down to Earth while remaining unattainably cool

Andrew Kimmel recounted his experience at the airport when Keanue Reeves was asked by a boy for an autograph who then proceeded to ask him a long series of questions that only the people’s hero would allow for. 

Kid: Why were you in London?

Reeves: Filming a documentary. 

Kid: I saw online you were at the Grand Prix

Reeves: Yes, the Grand Prix. F1! Race cars!

Kid: Do you drive?

Reeves: Not F1, but I like riding motorcycles

Kid: Do you live in NY?

Reeves: I live in LA

Kid: How long are you gonna be in New York?

Reeves: Four days. No… Five. Five days!

Kid: Why are you in NY?

Reeves: Gonna see a broadway show

Kid: What broadway show?

Reeves: American Buffalo! Mamet!

Kid: Where are you staying in NY?

Reeves: Midtown. 

Check out the original post! 

Naturally, the internet reacted by showing its never ending love for Keanue Reeves. 

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