It seems that Love Island star Claudia Bonifazio’s sister and MAFS star Olivia Frazer are beefing… but about what? 

What a small, strange world! It seems that Love Island star Claudia Bonifazio and MAFS star Olivia Frazer are connected… but through a beef supposedly between Bonifiazio’s little sister and Frazer.

Claudia’s sister Bianca recently took to her Tiktok to spill some tea on Frazer, right around the time MAFS was all the rage. She captioned her video: “That one girl watching Olivia from MAFS bully Domenica [Calarco].” 

In the same caption, Bianca also hinted that she might be doing a ‘storytime’ about her alleged experience with Frazer. One of her hashtags was #iykyk, translating to ‘if you know you know.’ While the story-time Tiktok never seemingly materialised, Bianca went on to like some comments which seemed to drop some hints. 

One of her comments, for example, was in reply to someone named Domenica (not Calarco), who had said: “[Olivia is] being so rude to me.” To this, Bianca replied: “I will fight her for you.” 


storytime? #marriedatfirstsight #oliviafrazer #mafs #iykyk

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In another interaction, she admitted she was a ‘lil nervy’ about speaking up, after which she liked another comment that said: “It’s not like you won’t have support, she’s the most hated woman in Australia currently, spill bestie we got you.”

Of course, since Bianca never touched on the subject again, we might never know what happened. Not like there is a scarcity of drama among the MAFS cast anyway – one of the most controversial moments on the show included an explosive fight between Olivia and Domenica

After a heated exchange, Olivia mocked Domenica’s way of speaking, which led to Domenica smashing a wine glass at the table and leaving.

Olivia later claimed that Domenica had ‘smashed a glass in her face,’ but later retracted the statement and said: “She stood up, she said something and then she threw it down in front of Ella. So, no she didn’t wave it in my face. That was just adrenaline. She had me shit scared, and I got it wrong.”

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