Lubalin is the TikTok hero taking all your trashy internet drama and turning it into hilarious and melodramatic music.

We all really needed a laugh after the horror year that was 2020 and Lubalin has risen to stardom at its end to provide just that.

Much like Sarah Cooper capturing the insane essence of Donald Trump’s speaking patterns, this artist has truly found a gap in the market. All those petty and wild fights that are littered around the internet? They deserve to be turned into powerful and emotional power ballads.

After two of his TikTok comedic creations went viral in December, Lubalin has now gained a wide and deserved following. In the videos, he turns arguments between boomers in the comment sections of Facebook into songs that really bring them to life. When Helen calls Caroline a bitch, Lubalin sings the words with feeling.

‘Internet Drama Pt. 1’ was swiftly followed by ‘Pt. 2’ and we can only hope these are the first couple in a long and hilarious series.

Lubalin now has over 900K followers on TikTok and has received over 7 million likes but he isn’t afraid to mock his unexpected rise: “Remember 7 days ago when I had 400 followers?” he wrote in an Instagram post.

His wide fanbase are right and you need to catch up. Even the bloody New Yorker’s TV Critic, Emily Nussbaum, seems to be a fan.

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The Montreal-based producer and vocalist also has normal music over on Spotify with a decent monthly listeners amount of over 40K. His new self-titled EP was released back in September and while there’s definitely no comedy to be found on it, the tracks are quality ambient and moody ballads.

So go check out his stuff but make sure you watch his TikTok videos. You’ll never see a Facebook fight between two 52-year-olds the same way again.