It’s almost like when I met my undoing and drunkenly shovelled prosciutto into my mouth breaking a 5-year meat-free stint some untapped part of my psyche knew this news was coming. Macca’s are celebrating their 50th anniversary by slinging 50 cent Big Macs all week.

Yes, 50 cents, for a Big Mac. Tgis Friday we’re putting aside our critiques of the unfathomable horrors of industrial meat production and the sickness of global capitalism! We’re pleading ignorance! We’re gorging on 50 cent Big Macs!

This 50 cent Big Mac extravaganza marks the beginning of three months of celebrations. It’s been 50 god damn years since the golden arches first landed in Australia. That’s something worth celebrating. It’s hard to envision how hollow and dreadful life would be if getting a regrettable McMuffin in the bleak mid-morning on a hungover drive back from a regional music festival wasn’t on the cards.

It’s a price that truly harks back to the 1950s. Perhaps as you make your way through the Big Macs supple bun, acidic pickles, and mysterious sauce you can visualise being from another era. An era where buying a home was a feasible concept, where you could humour the idea of having children. I don’t know what else they did in the 60s? probably racism and roller-blading.

The 50 cent price stage will exclusively be available through the MyMacca’s app.

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