The future is finally here! There is now a vegan Big Mac at Dogma Cronulla and it’s amazing.

I haven’t eaten meat in four years, however I order a Big Mac with no beef (and replace it with French fries) at least once a week. I love Big Macs. 

My belief is that (in most cases, and especially at McDonalds), meat has no taste. You’re basically just eating texture smothered in delicious sauces. 

So when I heard about the new Vegan Big Mac at Dogma in Cronulla I was very excited. I had three questions;

  1. Could they nail the flavour the of the sauces + pickles + bread etc?
  2. Was the meat the right texture?
  3. Did it actually taste like a McDonald’s Big Mac? 

Review of the Vegan Big Mac at Dogma Cronulla 

Yes, it tasted like a Big Mac!! I couldn’t believe how perfectly the sauces, cheeses, pickles, etc., all worked so well. Whoever invented this really did their homework. 

Also, it was bigger than a Big Mac; what a win!

My only small criticism is that I don’t believe the texture of the meat is quite nailed yet. It seemed a little too gooey, the McDonald’s meat patty is basically thin salty rubber. This vegan Big Mac meat patty was more substantial and more inspired than the original, but didn’t taste like it.

Conclusion: Vegan Big Mac 

Loved it, will eat it again. Well done Dogma! 

Note: When I visited the Dogma the Vegan Big Mac wasn’t on the menu, so make sure you call ahead to double check they’re serving it that day. 

Dogma Cronulla
98 Cronulla street, Cronulla, NSW
Phone: (02) 9527 4446