John Kraskinski was great as SNL host but the best bit was when Machine Gun Kelly accidentally threw Pete Davidson off the stage.

The first episode of SNL for 2021 kicked things off on a high note as the long-running sketch show got The Office star John Krasinski to host and what resulted was a pretty damn good show filled with laughs.

But the MVP of the episode unexpectedly goes to Pete Davidson because he was involved with two of the most memorable sketches – one of which was completely unintentional.

First there was his smooch with Krasinski during the opening monologue, which was entertaining and gross in equal measure as it likely violated every COVID-safe protocol in place at SNL.

But that little SNL gag was later topped by his little playful scuffle with Machine Gun Kelly during the closing credits of the episode.

Usually the closing credits for SNL are a time for sending nice messages to the audience and sharing recognition to the cast and crew for their work.

Now things can usually go off the rails during this time and boy did the first closing credits sequence of 2021 go nuts as Machine Gun Kelly decided to throw Davidson off the stage.

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Accidentally mind you.

After performing handshakes with everyone in the cast, it looked as if MGK wanted to pick Davidson up to, well, it’s not clear why he wanted to pick Davidson up in the first place.

Either way, it didn’t go well as MGK underestimated how much Davidson weighed or overestimated his own strength because he immediately lost his balance and threw Davidson right off the SNL stage, much to Krasinski’s surprise.

Machine Gun Kelly performed two songs during the episode, but his fine performances were quickly overshadowed by this unintentionally hilarious little tumble.

What was even better was when the show’s head honcho Lorne Michaels’ name came up just as MGK and Davidson fell off the stage.

It was enough to make me momentarily forget how no one on the SNL stage was practicing social distancing. At least they all wore face masks.

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