Since The Office is moving streaming homes, the team decided to bank some goodwill by dropping a hilarious never-before-seen Matrix gag.

In case you haven’t heard yet, The Office has come to the end of its lease on Netflix and will be moving to a new streaming service, Peacock.

Now if this all sounds foreign to you, don’t stress because this whole shift has nothing to do with us Aussies – The Office is still on our Netflix as far as we know – and everything to do with streaming in America.

Having said that though, we can still reap the rewards of what’s going on because in an attempt to entice viewers to watch The Office over on Peacock, the folks at NBCUniversal (who own the show rights) have decide to release a never-before-seen (and unexpectedly timely) Matrixthemed gag involving Dwight that was cut from the show’s final season.

The five-minute prank kicks off with Dwight noticing a black cat walking by his office door twice, which was then followed by janitor walking by his office door twice.

After being sent some green text on his computer, Dwight is instructed to sneak into the warehouse to meet up with “Dorpheus” (who is Morpheus’ brother), who then offers him the choice between the red or blue pill.

To the surprise of no one, Dwight has absolutely no clue that this was an elaborate prank from Jim and Pam, who seemingly have unlimited resources and time to do things like training a black cat to run by Dwight’s office door (twice) and convincing Hank The Security Guard to do his best Laurence Fishburne impression while dressed up like Morpheus.

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It’s a pretty long gag that doesn’t really go anywhere (which is probably why it was cut) but it’s hilarious nonetheless, which is exactly the sort of content we need right now. Plus it’s never not a good thing whenever there’s new never-before-seen Office content being dropped on our laps.

Check out the cut Matrix gag from season nine of The Office:

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