“Married at First Sight” (MAFS) stars Duncan James and Evelyn Ellis recently sat down with Nova’s Fitzy, Wippa, and Kate, and candidly opened up about their unexpected romance that blossomed post-show.

Originally paired with Alyssa Barmonde, Duncan is now head-over-heels with Evelyn.

Duncan explained, “It’s not what you’d expect. We started as friends during the show, with zero romantic involvement. We had a deep respect for our partners and the process of the show. However, at the Mardi Gras event in Sydney, things took a different turn.”

How It Started

During the interview, Duncan and Evelyn retraced the evolution of their relationship, which transitioned from a platonic friendship on the show to a romantic connection post-filming. Duncan asserted, “There was no kissing between the two of us then at all. We had respect for our partners at the time. That’s what the show is about.” Their romance surprisingly sparked at Mardi Gras, a notable event in Sydney, and gradually blossomed into more over the subsequent weeks.

Alyssa’s Response

Arguably the most anticipated part of the interview was when Duncan discussed Alyssa’s reaction to his new relationship. Duncan confessed that he had attempted to reach out to Alyssa several times post-show, but unfortunately, his efforts were met with silence. He empathetically stated, “She’s probably hurting and not feeling too good.”

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Duncan further expressed his willingness to support Alyssa during this challenging time, underlining his continuing respect for his ex-partner. This highlights the emotional complexity involved when navigating new relationships in the public eye post-reality TV show.

The only thing Alyssa has said public came in reply to fans questioning her about Duncan and Evelyn on TikTok. She simply replied, “RIP’.

How It’s Going

Duncan and Evelyn shared the unique challenges they’ve encountered since the end of the show. They spoke candidly about the added pressure of their new relationship being in the public eye while also dealing with the end of their relationships with their initial partners. Duncan commented, “It’s a bit scary. We’ve started our relationship together, and with the public involved, there’s a bit more pressure.”

The full conversation is available here.

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