Polarising MAFS star Olivia Frazer recently revealed that she was in the top 0.02% of OnlyFans creators, but another OnlyFans star has claimed that the proof of her ranking was fabricated. 

Last month, Olivia posted a screenshot on her Instagram Story showing her huge success on the platform, with the reality TV star in the top 0.02% of all OnlyFans content creators.

Considering how impressive that ranking was, one of Olivia’s followers asked to see proof. “We want receipts that you’re in the top 0.02% of OF,” they wrote in a question box that Olivia published.

And, the MAFS star duly delivered, posting a screenshot of her account that does, in fact, state that she’s in the top 0.02%  of all creators.

One OnlyFans creator, however, claims that Olivia’s superb ranking is far from the truth. They told So Dramatic! that the MAFS contestant’s screenshot is actually from an “outdated version” of the OnlyFans app.

“This isn’t current,” they insisted. “OF changed the layout of their statement statistics a couple of weeks ago. If what she posted is true, it wasn’t screenshotted on that day (she posted) as they’d already changed the layout.”

So Dramatic!‘s source reportedly provided proof of this, sending a picture of the current layout from their OnlyFans account, showing that the app’s section is now in white rather than the blue that was seen in Olivia’s screenshot.

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The frustrated source isn’t the only OnlyFans creator annoyed at Olivia. Fellow former MAFS star Jessika Power rubbished Olivia’s claim that she made more money than her on the platform.

Jessika has been creating content on OnlyFans since August 2021 and claimed to make $50,000 in her first five days. After Olivia joined recently, she insisted that she earned more than Jessika.

Not on Jessika’s watch. “First of all, how would she know how much I made?” Jessika blasted. “I don’t even like talking about the money I’ve earnt or comparing it to anybody else. It’s just not what you do.”

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