MAFS star Domenica Calarco went through a rough time on season nine of the reality show, and it sounds like she’s still struggling with the experience months later.

Alongside her good friend, fellow MAFS contestant Ella Ding, Domenica has just launched a new podcast, Sit With Us. “This is your invite to sit with us and chat about all things Relationships, Reality TV, Pop Culture and everything in between! Hold on, it’s about to get REAL,” the podcast’s description says.

In the first episode, Domenica got extremely honest about her MAFS experience: she revealed that she’d panic any time she sat down with a group of people following the show, after struggling through several infamous chaotic dinner parties with her fellow MAFS contestants.

“Like legitimately, for a while there after MAFS, sitting at any table that was like a dinner table or a table where I had to have a conversation, I’d legitimately freak out, ’cause I’d be like ‘Who’s going to start sh*t, who’s going to say something,’” Domenica told Ella.

After going to see a therapist, a huge revelation was to come. “I fully had PTSD, my therapist fully says I’m going through PTSD, so it’s real,” she added.

The podcast’s first episode also saw the pair discuss Brent Vitiello, with Ella admitting that their relationship is purely just one of friendship.

Domenica might be struggling with her mental health but some good things have come from her time on MAFS. Following the conclusion of season nine, she signed with SF Management, a top celebrity agency, and successfully launched her own fashion collection with Showpo.

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She also recently rejoined OnlyFans, where she’ll now be competing with MAFS rival Olivia Frazer and, as of this weekend, Olivia’s beleaguered boyfriend, Jackson Lonie.

You can listen to the first episode of Sit With Us here.

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