American police staff have made quite the bizarre discovery in a State Government garden this week.

The discovery: three dozen cannabis plants – was located metres away from where Vermont State Government sits.

According to a statement from police, they were tipped-off by a visitor who noticed the 34 plants growing among flowers lining the walkway.

While this discovery is bizarre, and one would assume the drug’s usage would be illegal, it turns out this wasn’t too far out of line with Vermont laws.

In Vermont, possession of small amounts of the recreational drug, when used for recreational purposes, is well within the law for citizens. But, the problem here is that it was being grown in public.

Capitol Police Chief Matthew Romei has stated the Police Department have no intent on testing to assess whether the plant was marijuana or hemp, which is grown as a cash crop, as there is no way for them to prove who it belonged to.

That is, unless, the person attends to collect their product.

“The only way we can make a criminal case is if someone comes down and claims it,” Romei said on Friday.

The genetic differences between hemp and marijuana are whether the plant has the potential to change your mental state, according to a University of Minnesota study.

“We also have no thoughts on why someone would plant it,” a spokesperson for the department said. “But if anyone wants to claim it and let us know why they planted it, we are happy to listen.”

Well, if anyone’s lost 34 cannabis plants, better reach out to the Capitol Police Department.

Just yesterday, in more bizarre news, we found out about 50 native birds which fell from the sky in Adelaide, which were reportedly poisoned.

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