Macca’s are giving away free Big Macs to customers all across Australia, and with 300,000 to give away– one per customer — you can bet there is a fair chance you’ll be able to score one.

But you can’t just ride your Razor scooter into the shop and demand one – you need to log into the mymacca’s app, go to the MyRewards feature, and claim your birthright.

Now, despite what this looks like, Ronald has not gone crazy and subsequently started slashing prices in a manner detrimental to business.

This is in celebration of International Burger Day which marks the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac – which also prompted the creation of the Grand Big Mac: basically a bigger Big Mac.

The deal starts at 11am, so have an early lunch. Or a late breakfast. Or an on-time brunch.

And now, a song.

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