A Melbourne paranormal bookstore has had a lease application denied because of the potential landlord’s “spiritual beliefs.”

The Haunted Bookshop was established in 1997 but will be closing permanently this year. Any hope of remaining open at a new, nearby location seems to have been diminished with the establishment becoming the latest flashpoint to dominate national discourse in the debate around a perceived attack on religious expression.

The managers of the bookstore were notified via email that the leasing agency had sent through information about the store to a potential landlord, including images and a link to the website.

The email states, “Unfortunately due to the landlords spiritual beliefs he is not willing to put The Haunted Bookshop in his assets.”

A screenshot of the correspondence was posted to the bookstores Facebook page by owner Drew Sinton.

In the post, Sinton mentioned that the landlord is “a high-profile member of the Buddhist community” though The Brag is unable to confirm this at the time of publish. The Brag has also reached out to the agent representing the property for comment.

Speaking with The Brag, Sinton explained “There was no issue regarding my rent history, my current estate agent’s references or anything else. I was rejected based purely on the potential landlord’s so-called “spiritual beliefs” Sinton had leased the previous stores location for 22 years.

The Haunted Bookshop was praised for having a unique and interesting collection of books, films and other curiosities. As well as the store, Sinton also hosted popular ghost tours of the local area.

Haunted Bookstore

The email from the leasing agent, which is dated as Wednesday, 26th June, comes as habitual sinner Israel Folau continues to fortify his defence against the decision by Australian Rugby Union to end his contract.

In just two days, Folau managed to attract more than $2 million dollars for his cause, not to feed the homeless, not to help sick children, not to carry out any of the work that honours the faith, but to the multi-millionaire Folau’s crusade against Rugby Australia.

In an interesting turn of events, far-right party One Nation announced to 2GB plans to introduce a private member’s bill concerned with protecting religious freedoms.

You read that right – One Nation is now pro-burqa.

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