My Mum Your Dad Australia star Petula Seath was sure she would have a connection with a co-star, even before she went on the show. 

My Mum Your Dad Australia star Petula Seath was sure she would have a connection with co-star Darren Lucas, even before she went on the show. According to Seath, it was literally written in the stars. 

Viewers will know that Seath is a psychic medium, having disclosed and shown the same on the show as well. Speaking to So Dramatic!, Seath admitted that she knew she would have a connection with ‘someone’ on the show, weeks before she actually started filming. 

“I felt that I was going to make a connection,” she said. “And I knew that there was going to be a man, and the colour blue kept coming out. Then he came down and around the corner in his blue suit.”

When she first saw Lucas, however, that’s when the pieces fell into place. “Oh my God! That’s him! That was what instantly popped into my head.” Seath revealed. 

Seath and Lucas bonded on the show partly because of her abilities and Lucas’ subsequent interest in them. In one episode, Lucas admitted to struggling with the death of his father. Seath, in turn, offered up some ‘readings’ she’d picked up from Lucas’ father from the beyond. 

She accurately revealed that Lucas’ father had passed away near a ‘celebration’ – after Christmas, as Lucas later confirmed – and that he communicated by fluttering his eyes towards the end. “He keeps saying, ‘I wanted to die with dignity. I wanted to die with dignity,’” she told Lucas, who confirmed that his father had said the words to him on his deathbed.

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In her chat with So Dramatic!, Seath admitted that the reading brought her closer to Lucas. “For Darren and I, we didn’t plan it; I didn’t think that that was going to happen. Because how my stuff works is; I can be conversing with somebody, and if that person starts asking questions or the conversation goes down a path, then information starts coming through.” she explained. 

“So at that moment, he was talking about it and bam! His dad just came through. I’d only met him the day before, so it’s just like, instantly, that connection is there.” she added.

Of her own accord, however, Seath isn’t going to read too much into the couple’s future. “I choose not to know how it’s [life is] going to unfold. I don’t want to be that person who reads the last page of a book; I want to enjoy every chapter.”

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