A Bubble O’Bill jewellery line is now a wonderful reality and dessert x fashion fusion should be much more of a thing. 

The classic Streets ice cream has partnered with jewellery brand Couture Kingdom for the cutest of collabs, arriving just in time for Christmas too.

And the new line is massive too, containing 54 pieces – 30 in the Bubble O’Bill range and another 24 for Paddle Pop. There are necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even cufflinks. All the pieces are gold-plated so as delicious as they might look, please don’t go biting into them.

The jewellery line also has other iconic Streets ice cream symbols, and my eyes are immediately drawn to the Max the Lion stud earrings – the magnetic power of those bad boys. The “Howdy” necklace also looks like a winner.

“As huge fans of these iconic Aussie ice creams, it has been an incredible honour for us here at Couture Kingdom to create this collection,” Couture Kingdom chief creative officer Karen Ridikas explained.

“Our Couture Kingdom fans have (as have we) grown up with the flavours of both Bubble O’ Bill and Paddle Pop and are avid collectors of pure nostalgic pop-culture accessories.

For us it was all about delivering a fun, easy to wear collection that evokes the feelings of childhood summers that you can add to your everyday style no matter how old you are now.”

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Don’t worry Karen, you’ve definitely achieved that nostalgia trip. A jewellery line that genuinely could make a Christmas present for anyone in the family. What an end to the year.

The collection is reasonably priced too, between $25 and $89. Head to the Couture Kingdom website to discover the full collection. The line will also be available at Bevilles Jewellers and some independent jewellery stores across Australia.

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