All across Sydney and Australia this weekend, dozens of venues ran by people with true moral compasses, and a burning fury at how our government is treating a huge portion of society as second-class citizens, will be putting on events to encourage people to enrol to vote, and to discuss the issue of same-sex marriage.

Organisers of Equality Weekender are encouraging anyone who runs a cafe, pub, venue, or even possesses a backyard and a BBQ, to throw an enrolment/equality event.

14% of Australia aren’t enrolled to vote, which is a statistic these events are hoping to change.

Wanna get involved? Either get along to one of those events this weekend, at venues such as World Bar, the Lansdowne, Vic on the Park, and many others (check the poster, below for a larger list), or follow the below guidelines, provided by the organisers. And if you haven’t yet, enrol to vote before August 24.


1. Hold a rego party, put up some posters at your venue / pub / cafe / bar. Or ask your local to throw
2. Send out an email to your organisation’s database with links to enrol.
3. Have enrolment forms, envelopes or posters at your place till the 24th.
4. Update your socials with a reminder, a message, or one of these illustrations by Luke Arnold.

“There is an old rule to never discuss politics in a pub,” Jake Smyth from The Lansdowne explains, “and while some folk in Canberra want to make this issue purely political, we recognise that that it is squarely about equality, respect and love.

“We are throwing a party to all to register to vote, to have your voice heard, to speak out for the family members, the friends, the teenagers whose voice has been ignored for too long. Vote Yes to Marriage Equality!”

“Young people have such a huge part to play in the conversation of marriage equality”, adds Kat Dopper, founder and director of Heaps Gay.

“By holding these events and encouraging people to bring a little positivity into the world, we hope that people will get more involved and more engaged in this issue. This isn’t just about marriage, this is about equal rights – and we need each and every one of you to join in. Hold a party, go to an event – Enrol, change your address and vote yes!”

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