Okay so it’s that time of the year again when Christmas has seemingly crept up out of thin air.

With the amount of obscure and quirky gift ideas popping up left, right and centre, it’s hard to forget that Christmas is around the corner. You can get your hands on personalised tins of Milo and back in October, Coles also unveiled gingerbread flavoured ice cream.

Whether you’re the type of person who likes to plan gifts ahead of schedule or you’re prone to a last minute panic buy (no not the 2020 meaning of the term), gift options are only getting more creative – and personalised.

While it’s far from a novelty idea, Cotton On have decided that we need a little bit of novelty to round out the year that was. And they’re right, because there’s just something so appealing about having something with your very own name on it. Especially when it comes to being an iconic Aussie snack staple.

Their latest, grand gift idea to be brought into the world is a personalised box of Arnott’s Shapes. Because why? Or because why not?

So if you’re keen to grab a box of Shapes with your mate’s name on it for Christmas, there isn’t much to it at all.

It’s as simple as heading to the website, typing in the name you’d like on the box and clicking add to basket. To top it all off, Cotton On are printing on arguably the best Shapes flavour, barbeque (duh), as well as pizza and chicken crimpies boxes too.

It’s the ultimate Christmas gift for anyone who’s not a fan of communal snacks and who for anyone who has a penchant for having a secret snack stash. A pro-tip to making the present last even longer? Cut the box up once it’s been emptied and frame the cardboard!

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