In what comes as welcome news to all Milo devotees out there, you can now get your hot little hands on a personalised Milo tin. 

After the straight-up shitshow of a year that was 2020, it seems only fair that Milo has rewarded us with such an iconic gift option this Christmas.

From Monday, November 9th, customers can order their personalised Milo tins in one of eight limited-edition, festive designs.

The chosen name will be featured front and centre where the logo usually is, allowing you to call dibs on the tin … unless you’re generous enough to share, that is.

You can spoil that Milo-addicted special someone in your life for the cool price of just $11.99, plus $8 in Australia-wide shipping.

Of course, if you simply wish to #treatyourself by purchasing your own tin, well then we’re certainly not judging.

The tins follow in the footsteps of a number of beloved snacks to have branched out into personalisation, including Nutella, Tim Tam and Vegemite.

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The news comes just days after Arnott’s announced it would also be slinging personalised packets of Shapes in time for the holiday season.

At this point, it’s beginning to get a little harder to remember which iconic Aussie treats haven’t offered a personalised option.

The possiblities for personalised gifts seem endless, but there’s just something about automatically having your name on food that pleases the inner child in us all.

Personally, I know I wouldn’t be against a personalised packet of twisties, or even a block of chocolate.

All I’m saying is, Cadbury, if you’re reading this, let’s chat.

The 460g personalised tins of Milo are now available over at the MYMILO website.

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