It’s well known to fans of the Super Mario Bros. franchise that Wario is a pretty thick guy, and it almost looked like Wario’s ass was nerfed.

Recently, fans noticed that something was a bit amiss in the new Mario Kart 8 regarding the favourite villain’s figure.

The ass-lacking was noticed after Mario Kart 8 introduced one of its biggest updates in March since the game was released. Other fans of the franchise posted similar side-by side-comparisons that showed Wario was just as thick as ever, so the ass in the second image may very well be a glitch or how it looks on that particular bike now.

According to this account on Twitter, someone missed Wario’s ass so much that they made a petition for Nintendo to bring it back.

While it looks like the petition has been taken down, it’s no surprise that people were desperate enough to see Wario’s ass in all its glory.

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In many ranked sites, Wario is the thiccest character of the Mario franchise, and it’s shown in every game he’s in.

We’re hoping that the movie version of Wario will be just as dummy thicc, but we can only pray.

Someone on Reddit once asked if anyone was annoyed that Wario physically couldn’t fit in some of the vehicles in the game, as his butt was simply too big that it caused his ass to overflow for a lot of karts.

Does anyone else get annoyed that Wario’s butt is too big for some karts? lmao
byu/Nirvana302Llama inMarioKartTour

Almost all of the comments disagreed, some comments saying, “Annoyed? No. Aroused? Yes.”

“Being that dummy thicc is a good thing my friend,” another Redditor commented.

On the thought of Wario losing his ass in the new patch, it seems even Wario had something to say, replying to the original tweet with: “THEY TOOK MY ASS I CAN’T SHIT”.

So there you have it. Wario’s ass. A thing of beauty and honour, and hopefully not something that goes away any time soon.

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