Most of us know that My Mum Your Dad star Petula Seath is a psychic medium – but her gift once also helped save someone’s life. 

Most of us know by now that My Mum Your Dad star Petula Seath is a psychic medium – she’s revealed the same on the show and used it to help her co-stars get some much-needed closure. But Seath’s gift also helped her save someone’s life. 

In a new chat with So Dramatic!, Seath recalled how her abilities allowed her to warn a stranger about a potential cancerous growth before said stranger even noticed it. 

“I took my son to the barbers, and I was sitting there waiting for him, and a lady was behind me,” Seath told the publication. “She came up to take her little boy to get his haircut in front of me, and she had a low cutback shirt on, and I saw this mole on her back.” 

Something inside Seath warned her that the mole was trouble. “Instantly, I thought, ‘that’s cancerous; you need to tell her’.” She did recognise how odd it would look if she went up to someone randomly and told them to get themselves to the hospital to have a mole checked out – her team, however, insisted she warn the woman. 

“They’re like, ‘you need to tell her. You need to tell her.’ And then, by about the fourth time, they said, ‘it’s a matter of life or death.’” Seath recalled. 

“I just flew out of my chair, tapped her on the shoulder and said, ‘Look, excuse me, this might really sound weird, but I’m a medium and I’m really concerned about that mole on your back. Can I just have a chat.’” Seath added, admitting she was thankful when the woman did not outright dismiss her. 

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To Seath’s relief, the woman was receptive to her advice, even revealing that she’d been putting off getting the mole checked out ‘for eight months’. Imagine Seath’s surprise when she ran into the woman again two months later, only to be told that she had been right all along. 

“I saw her at the coffee shop, and she pulled me aside, and she said, ‘thank you so much. I had it checked, and it was cancerous, and I have to get it removed!’” Seath recounted. 

This isn’t the first time that Seath’s abilities have left people astounded. During an episode of My Mum Your Dad, she accurately predicted information about Darren Lucas’ late dad, surprising even his daughter and the other kids watching on. 

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