Playstation and Nike have joined forces to create PS5 sneakers that will no doubt be impossible to get your hands on. 

Yep, if the wild success of the PS5 is anything to go by, we’re betting these kicks will simply fly off the shelves.

Dubbed the ‘PG5’, the shoes were created with Paul George, NBA player and frequent Nike collaborator, along with Yujin Morisawa, the artist behind the PS5 console design.

The tongue of the shoe features the PG and PlayStation logos and the shoe’s colours are inspired by the design of the PS5. On top of that, some recognisable PlayStation shapes are also stitched into each shoe.

This isn’t the first time Nike and PlayStation have fused gaming with fashion, as they have also collaborated on shoes like the PlayStation Air Force 1 Lows in 2006, and a pair inspired by the original PlayStation.

Speaking Input Magazine, Nike’s senior footwear designer Tony Hardman said he was “amazed” by the design he and Morisawa came up with.

“I was really blown away by the design, like how modern and futuristic it was,” he said. “

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I felt like the shoes reflected that, too. They’re still wearable shoes. You don’t want to wear consoles around, but I felt like we struck a nice balance with bringing in [PlayStation] elements in a unique way, separating from what we had done in the past and bringing something fresh that truly connected to the console.”

Hardman continued on to explain that since the PG5 is a basketball shoe, the goal was to make it lighter to help it feel ‘closer’ to players like George’s foot.

On top of that, he said it was just as important to offer I silhouette that was sleek and fashionable.

Given that Sony has sold nearly 8 million units of the PS5 since it launched back in November, we’re curious and a little scared to see how quickly these disappear.

Although there’s no word yet as to the availability of the PG5 in Australia, we know we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for updates.

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