Do you like McDonald’s or do you think the burgers are better at Hungry Jack’s? Maybe you fancy KFC’s chicken, instead? Tell us what your favourite fast-food chain is!

Even if you eat healthy, and you think you’ve got amazing self-control, you probably fall prey to fast-food advertisements every once in a while. Between delicious burgers on offer, piles of salty chips, and even delectable ice cream, you’ve most likely fallen victim to a craving before.

Although many of the older generation consider fast food to be an occasional treat, many young adults consider it to be a staple of their diet. It seems you can’t turn a corner without finding one of these chains shops, and then you have to battle yourself to either have self-control and choose a healthier option, or give in to the cravings.

Fast-food has been around for quite a while. It started gaining traction over 50 years ago. With the ease of having a full meal cooked for you in much less time than it’d take to cook at home, the appeal is apparent.

Whether you’re on the go and craving a quick snack, or too tired after work to cook a meal for the family, fast-food has been there to help. You can easily swing by Macca’s and pick up a family pack of burgers and fries, go by Hungry Jack’s and get some of their signature meals, or pop over to KFC and grab a bucket of fried chicken.

So, which do you think is most superior? Do you think McDonald’s is the best with their massive range of burgers and classic fries? Perhaps you think Hungry Jack’s is superior, with their flame-grilled burgers? Or, do you go a completely different avenue and choose KFC over everything else?

What is your favourite fast-food chain?

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