Rumours of a new PS5 Pro have started circulating, complete with updated internals, a focus on 8K visuals and a 2023 release date.

Despite the fact that many gamers are still bloody struggling to get their hands on a shiny new PS5 system, rumours have started circulating that there’s an update to the console already in the works.

Dubbed the PS5 Pro, the rumoured system would launch between the end of 2023 and the end of 2024, meaning it would come about three to four years after the launch of debut of the original PS5.

The rumours also speculate a rough price point of around $US600 – $USD700. A quick Google conversion has that coming in at a whopping $950 – an increase of about 200 bucks from what you’d pick up a PS5 for at the moment.

All the news seems to be stemming from YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead (via comicbook) who boldly claims he is a hundred percent sure the system refresh in the works thanks to scoring more details from anonymous sources. Sounds legit.

Watch Moore’s Law Is Dead’s video about the PS5 Pro for yourself:

While Moore’s Law Is Dead doesn’t divulge specifics on what components would be in the new machine, he does theorise that the move could be to help promote Sony’s line-up of 8K televisions. Considering those bad boys are currently retailing for just shy of $10,000, we’re not so sure about that one.

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But while it might sound ridiculous, a PS5 Pro isn’t completely implausible. After all, PlayStation did release the PS4 Pro on November 10, 2016. That’s almost three years to the date of the PS4’s launch on November 29, 2013.

The only difference in the case of PS5 is the continued shitstorm PlayStation is wading through to get more systems into the wild. With the global chip shortage still affecting much of the tech industry, many believe PS5 shortages will continue well into 2023.

Adding a whole new system into the mix would surely only add fuel to that fire.

Either way we’re keen as mustard to see how this pans out. For now though, we’re ready to see what the future holds with the upcoming PS5 showcase.

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