We all sometimes wish that certain food companies would come out with particular flavours. Whether you’re waiting on Ben & Jerry’s to release your perfect combo, or dreaming of the right flavour of Tim Tam, we’re curious to see which of our fake food combos you’d be keen on.

Lots of different food companies have been creating mash-ups, lately. Arnott’s recently released their Aussie-esque Shapes flavours, including a savoury meat pie biscuit and a sausage sizzle flavoured one.

Cadbury has been at it for years, creating all sorts of kooky flavours. Whether the combo has been their Dairy Milk bars with Vegemite or perhaps including Oreos in their chocolate, people have flocked to stores to get these limited releases.

While some flavour combinations have been absolute winners over the years, others have failed to make a come back due to lack of enthusiasm.

While Tim Tam has won over many with their delicious combinations through teaming up with Messina Gelato, other brands like KitKat have left some of their flavour combos in the dust, like their Choc Fudge Sundae flavoured KitKat which tasted like biting into a candle for some.

Regardless of all the great flavour combinations that have graced grocery store shelves, many of us are still keen to see what food makers will think of next.

Perhaps they’ll make a Nutella flavoured Tim Tam? Or, maybe you’d be stoked to see a fairy bread flavoured Cadbury chocolate block? Take our poll below and tell us which kooky combo you’d be most keen on.

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Luckily, we can create some of our flavour expectations at home, but others we will have to let fate decide. Perhaps we’ll see some of these delicious combos pop up in shops one day?

Which of these fake food combos would you be keen to try?