When it comes to quintessentially Australian food products, the humble Tim Tam is right up there with the main players. What international celebrity doesn’t leave the country with at least one packet of the delicious bastards in tow. We Aussies are obsessed, too – often creating questionable creations like last year’s Tim Tam beer.

But while Tim Tam HQ has been relatively quiet since last year’s team-up with Messina, it’s time to get excited again because the mad geniuses have created four new flavours you’ll want to dunk straight into your morning coffee – all inspired by the tastes of Australia and New Zealand.

Every celebrity ever

First up is Murray River Salted Caramel, packing salty goodness from the Murray Darling River Basin, decadent caramel sauce and caramel cream filling. Without question this is sure to be the biggest seller of the four.

On the other end of the spectrum we have both Strawberries & Cream and Manuka Honey & Cream – the latter of which contains a cream centre and real Manuka honey, meaning you can now totally try to argue for the health benefits of Tim Tams.

Perhaps the most exciting to us though is Gisborne Orange & Dark Choc – a mouth-watering match made in heaven because orange-flavoured foods are just the bloody best and we won’t hear a damn word otherwise. They feature the flavour profile of oranges from Gisborne within an orange cream centre and a dark chocolate coating.

panda lunch GIF
Pictured: Tam Tam fans across the country

According to Arnott’s marketing manager Matt Grant, the company loves Tim Tam fans just as much as they’re loved in return, meaning what they want, they get. “Premium ingredients – sourced from some of the best regions across Australia and New Zealand – have been expertly crafted to create an indulgent experience for everyone who loves a Tim Tam.”

You’ll be able to conduct your very own scientific taste-test from next week. Just make sure you have $3.65 handy, or a tenner if you really wanna splurge.