If there’s one thing that was responsible for taking over the 2020 social media feed as much as COVID-19, it was Netflix’s true-crime documentary ‘Tiger King’.

Lined up coincidentally with COVID-19 quarantine, Netflix’s show ‘Tiger King’ took the world by storm quicker than anything. Appearing almost overnight, social media was flooded with people saying “hey there, cool cats and kittens” as well as “that bitch Carole-fucking-Baskin”.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, it’s an absolute rollercoaster ride. Starring a man named Joe Exotic (that’s right, the ‘Tiger King’ himself), the doco takes viewers through his beginning as a big cat fanatic, as well as his side relationships as a gay polygamist.

Then, enter that bitch Carole Baskin (yep, that’s pretty much noted as being her full name). She apparently accused Joe of mistreating his animals, which was found to be true as in 2006 Joe received hefty fines for unsanitary conditions and hitting his cats.

Well, Joe obviously wasn’t happy about her defaming his institution, so he dug up some dirt on her and found out that her husband mysteriously disappeared in 1997, and that her in-laws believed that she murdered him and fed him to her cats at her Big Cat Rescue.

To bring more into this story is just overload, but the goods just keep coming. Joe retaliates, and allegedly tries to get that bitch Carole Baskin murdered, and has landed himself in jail.

Regardless of how you look at it, the show has more bumps than a pothole riddled Oklahoman road, and you’ve surely been wondering how you’d fare in the world of ‘Tiger King’, right? Take our quiz and see which ‘Tiger King’ character you are, and don’t hate us too much if it labels you as that bitch Carole Baskin.

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Also, can I take a moment to reassure everyone that not all us Oklahomans are as nutty as this group of people? I’m from the great state, and we’re much more sane than one might think.

Which ‘Tiger King’ character are you?

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