The Simpsons has managed to drop another prediction bombshell on everyone, this time of Kamala Harris’ inauguration outfit.

We should be used to The Simpsons predicting the future by now, yet it never ceases to amaze when real life events unfold almost exactly as they’re depicted on that long-running show.

And after having predicted those horrendous Capitol Hill riots, the show isn’t done with its 2021 American political predictions yet as it turns out The Simpsons knew what Kamala Harris was going to wear at her and Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony.

Eagle-eyed folks who were tuned in to Harris and Biden’s inaugural ceremony noted that the VP wore an outfit that was almost identical to what an adult Lisa Simpson wore in the 2000 Simpsons episode ‘Bart To The Future’.

Both Lisa and Harris wore a purple jacket, white pearl necklace, and a plain undersuit. Of course, the difference is that Lisa was president and Harris is “only” the VP, and minor differences between the outfits (Lisa is technically wearing a pant suit while Harris is wearing a jacket) but that’s just digging into the nitty gritty.

Point is, Lisa Simpson wore an outfit that’s more or less identical to what Kamala Harris did some 21 years later.

Coincidence? You decide.

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And it’s not just the outfits that The Simpsons predicted either as the plot of ‘Bart To The Future‘ is eerily similar to what’s unfolding in real life.

In that Simpsons episode, Lisa inherits a budget crisis from the preceding president, who was Donald Trump. In real life, Biden and Harris are inheriting a budget crisis (among many other crises) from none other than Trump.

Yep, The Simpsons really hit the nail on the head with this one.

Since The Simpsons predicted what Kamala Harris would wear when she was sworn in as Vice President, does that mean she’s going to be President some day? Guess we’ll find out in four years time.

Check out President Lisa Simpson in her Kamala Harris inauguration outfit:

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