Those old-school Cottee’s Cordial cravings and that jingle might not hit you like they used to. But let’s be real, nothing tastes as good as nostalgia does.

And recently, ABC’s Gruen Transfer have been doing a top notch job of helping us to satisfy those nostalgia-fuelled cravings.

Just a few weeks ago, Gruen managed to get deep in the stalk and hunt down the songwriter for the classic Bunnings theme song.

And if you’re a serial nostalgia hunter, you’d probably agree that they just don’t make them like that anymore. So in saying that, it’s a great thing that we’re able to tap into it at the click of a button. Cheers, internet.

With the assistance of the digital world, Gruen have backed it up to bring us the man, the myth, the legend – songwriter of the infamous Cottee’s Cordial jingle, ‘My Dad Picks The Fruit’, Peter Martin.

The 1998 commercial is a remake from the 1980’s version, which was first broadcast in December 1998 during the movie, Miracle on 34th Street on an Adelaide TV station.

When you imagine the jingle in your head, you probably hear it exactly how it was played on TV, sung by various children frolicking around an orange orchard. Now for the first time, you can hear exactly how it sounded, when Martin first brought it into this world.

On camera, Martin told the Gruen team, “The melody came to me quickly as I crossed the Harbour Bridge, so I’ll play something from the early workings of this piece.”

Martin then goes on to play the jingle acoustically, with nothing but his guitar and good vibes. Singing, “My dad picks the fruit, that goes to Cottee’s, to make the cordial, that I like best.

Shoutout to Peter Martin for creating this irresistible, iconic jingle.

Watch the 1998 Cottee’s Cordial commercial here.

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