You remember those days: you’d get up, grab a piece of Vegemite toast, and park yourself in front of the telly, all ready to watch some Cheez TV, but you tuned in too early, and all that was on was that bloody Aerobics Oz Style. Well, now you can re-live the days by streaming the retro workout via 10 Play.

Pop on your best leotard, grab a headband, and don’t forget your white, bunched-up, crew-length socks, because you can now stream 15 episodes of Aerobics Oz Style for free. That’s right – you can forget about the days when you mistakenly tuned into the workout show while keenly awaiting the start of Ryan Lappin and Jade Gatt on Cheez TV, and watch the leg-warmer wearing women on your own accord.

Unfortunately, there’s no episodes Dragon Ball Z to line up with the end of each workout video, nor will you catch any YoGo Yoghurt or ’90s toy commercials in between, well, unless you decide to queue them up, yourself.

And, since you’re only tuning in for the sentimental side of things anyways, then you might as well revisit the entire memory, and perhaps don your Pokémon pyjamas, and ask your mom to yell out to you to “hurry up and get ready for school,” while you’re streaming, so you’ve got the full wave of nostalgia.

To really relive the experience, here’s a link to buy a Nintendo 64 that you can email to your parents, begging them to consider buying it for you because you’ve been so good at doing your chores lately.

So, if you’re keen-as to relish in nostalgia about the times you got up a bit too early, then you can swing over to 10 Play and stream 15 episodes of Aerobics Oz Style. I mean, it’s kinda tempting, honestly. Getting to re-live my childhood, plus work of some of this pudge I’ve accumulated during iso? Count me in!

Check out an episode of Aerobics Oz Style:

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