The winner of The Masked Singer Australia 2022 may have just been revealed and Mel B is pretty sure she knows who’s under there.

The winner of The Masked Singer Australia 2022 might have been revealed by Sportsbet after their latest round of odds— putting Mirrorball as the top contender with $1.91 odds. Judge Mel B has already identified Mirrorball as a seasoned performer and Sportsbet thinks so as well as they’ve placed the anonymous singer underneath the disco helmet as none other than former Pussycat Dolls singer Melody Thornton.

Mel B also recently made comments about how unfair it would be if one of her former Spice Girls were to come on the show.

Scary Spice said that her former bandmate Geri Halliwell would be eliminated instantly because she’d “be able to tell those dulcet tones a mile off.”

Melanie Brown is the only Spice Girl to have appeared on the show – she performed on UK and Spanish formats of The Masked Singer – and has joined the Aussie panel this year as a judge.

The Masked Singer premise shows famous singers anonymously performing in full-body costumes that cover their faces and bodies, the judges must be able to identify the artist by their voices alone. Each week the judges and the audience vote to identify the least favourite singer, and they remove their masks and reveal their identity.

Mel B is one of three new judges arriving for The Masked Singer season four. The singer and Hughes will be joined by Chrissie Swan and Abbie Chatfield. The latter recently revealing her whopping payday of $100,000 to be on the show, whereas Scary Spice’s salary is said to be around the $500,000 mark.

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One of the other newcomers, Abbie Chatfield also made comments on who she absolutely would not want to see underneath one of those masks.

27-year-old Abbie Chatfield says she never wants to see celebrity chef Pete Evans ever again, and especially not under a mask on The Masked Singer. The reason Chatfield stands so adamantly against Pete Evans is his history of alt-right rhetoric and his recent posting of a neo-nazi meme. In 2020 Evans promoted conspiracy theories that simultaneously claimed the coronavirus is both fake and caused by 5G waves. Soooo, is it fake or is it real and caused by “5G”?

Evans has also expressed anti-vax sentiments throughout the pandemic. When rugby player Shane Warne died, Evans commented on the situation in a video in which he started off by saying, “who knows what the reasons [for his death] are and I can’t comment on it,” before continuing to go on talking about doctors that he’s interviewed.

Abbie Chatfield’s recent remarks were in response to Evans’ most recent controversy— the posting of a meme that contained symbolism used by Nazi Germany and the more contemporary Neo-Nazis.

‘I narrowly missed having an interaction with him on I’m A Celebrity two years ago when he uploaded that Nazi meme, so I was hoping he wasn’t back,’ she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

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