The Vegan Observer is the latest addition to the canon of cruelty-free a-z’s. If you want to stay in the loop about all things vegan, we’ve got you covered. 

We have set out sights on making sure that we keep you up to date on all the latest and greatest vegan eats. From fine dining, to fast food. Whether you’re looking to splash out on a seven-course vegan degustation at Yellow with paired wines, or chow down on a vegan whopper from Hungry Jacks. Us vegans are multifaceted. We’re not all the hemp-donning hippies we’re often painted out to be — but if you are, that’s cool too.

This newsletter is more of a way of sharing resources than it is vegan education. I don’t have half the sex appeal of Joaquin Phoenix. Attempt to unearth the cruelty of the animal agriculture industry would be an insult to Earthlings. We’ll let the experts (and those with nice talking voices) do the legwork for us there.

You can expect news about the best places to eat, new vegan products on the market, recipes, wellness, skincare, makeup. All of the things that we try to fill the deep void in our hearts with. I may even share some personal vegan recipes that I came up with when I was a truly skint bitch renting in Surry Hills at the tender age of eighteen. Hell, I may even find the time to write my manifesto on why we owe so much to chickpeas.

To sign up to The Vegan Observer, simply click the “submit” button below. If you have any suggestions, or you’d like us to do some deep-digging, hit us up. We’re always wanting to know what you’re wanting to know.

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