It looks like there are still a lot of sane people in Sydney as a lot of folk reported the weekend’s anti-lockdown protest to Crime Stoppers. 

Around a whopping 15,000 descended on the city on Saturday, marching between Victoria Park and Town Hall. It was ill-informed and ill-timed, with very few safety measures – such as social distancing or face masks – in place for the event.

It seems like common sense prevailed elsewhere though, with thousands complaining about the protest, as per Pedestrian.TV“We have received 10,000 Crime Stoppers reports since Saturday in terms of criminal behaviour and breaches of the health order at the protest which is an amazing outcry by the community,” NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller revealed at the daily press conference this Monday morning.

“We have a Strike Force established, and they will continue to investigate and chase down every individual that we can identify who will be either arrested and/or given tickets for their behaviour. And it is not just about whether it is an unauthorised protest, it was about the danger that they put all of us at in terms of the Delta variant.”

There are already tentative talks for further anti-lockdown protests to take place but Fuller was absolutely having none of it. “There are some discussions, there is information on the Internet at the moment about a potential protest this Saturday,” he said. “Can I just put this warning out now to everyone: We will be heavily policing that event. We will take the ground very early. You will be arrested and prosecuted. The community has spoken about that behaviour.”

So don’t mess with Mick Fuller, clearly. And just be frustrated about lockdowns safely and securely indoors like the rest of us. It’s not hard. Snitches might get stitches but, in this case, they’ll reduce their chances of getting COVID-19 at least.

Check out 9 News’ coverage of the Sydney anti-lockdown protest: