Tickets for Christian Hull at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival are on sale now and it’s one not to be missed. 

One of Australia’s comedy heavyweights is coming to its best comedy festival for a 10 night run at the Comic’s Lounge. Hull previously took his successful podcast, Complete Drivel, to MICF, but now it’s his time to make his stand-up debut.

Hull has built a huge audience from documenting his mess of a life all over socials. His hilarious characters, parenting parodies, paint guessing, and T-shirt folding escapades have earned Christian an ever-expanding army of over two and a half million online followers.

He’s had quite the time of it recently. Hull finally hit the big-time, breaking into the U.S. thanks to his viral t-shirt folding surprise. After Hull posted a video of himself showcasing his supreme joy at using a simple shirt folding machine that shaved seconds off his daily routine, the video found itself being shown on a small TV programme called Good Morning America.

Others might know him best, though, through his hilariously silly turn as the most fabulous of alter-ego’s, Trish (wine mums unite).

Check out ‘Life Hacks with Trish’:

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Hull is sure to be one of the most popular performers at the festival. His debut memoir, Leave Me Alone, just took the number one position on Booktopia, despite not even being released until march 30th; such is the strength and focus of the Hull hardcore fanbase.

Hull really tried to sell his show in a press statement: “Christian is a disaster of a human. He is afraid of the outdoors and almost everything else. This show is about those times he has had to fend for himself and it’s almost definitely ended in many near-death experiences. From his horrific fear of flying to shitting himself often, mostly in public, you’ll leave wondering how on earth he has managed to keep himself alive for so long.”

It’s destined to be frighteningly honesty and flagrantly frank and unafraid to make you squirm. Booking details and further information can be found here.

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Check out Christian Hull’s video ‘Your Wish Product Recommendations’:

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