Today on the internet: a Tiktok star’s theory on how men approach marriage has gone viral, and subsequently divided the internet. 

Usually, you spend a lot of time on Tiktok scrolling through one trend after another and fending off suspicious diet and beauty trends that may or may not be scientifically accurate. Every once in a while, however, you come across a post which seems equal parts wild yet plausible. 

Tiktok star Tay Talks may not have wanted to divide the internet with her theory on marriage, but she’s unwittingly gone and done just that. According to Tay, why men marry has little to do with love and everything to do with the right time. 

According to Tay: “Men marry the woman in front of them at the time they are ready to get married.”


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Tay backed this up with her experiences following a wedding photographer online, who claimed that a lot of men were marrying because they felt they were emotionally ready to settle down, rather than feeling confident that they loved their partners. 

“She observed that the men who were getting married were marrying the woman in front of them when they were ready to get married – implying that the partner wasn’t that man’s soulmate or the love of his life.” Tay explained. 

“Instead, it’s the girl he was dating when he decided he was ready to get married and settle down,” she added. “That part of his brain where he thinks there may be another girl out there shuts off, because now he’s thinking about marriage.” 

In true internet fashion, the theory has supporters and deniers alike. Some claimed that it wasn’t just men who did it – women had a similar approach – while others outright rejected Tay’s words, claiming they wouldn’t marry a woman they didn’t truly love. 

“I refuse. I will never marry a woman that I don’t know is the one. I won’t even date a woman if my heart is with another.” said one comment. 

Others claimed that marriage for men wasn’t just about the right timing, but also how many ‘boxes’ a woman checked for them against their construct of a partner. 

“Yes and the woman who checks the boxes of what his family, religion, circle expect of him. He will reject the girl he loves if she doesn’t fit that.” one comment read. 

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