Sydneysiders, wake up! Mike Baird is gone, did you hear? Keep Sydney Open is creating a political party! After a dark (metaphorical) Winter, it’s time for us to take off our jumpers and shimmy like the sun drenched party monsters/gym junkies we are. Sydney may have died for a little while there, but things are happening again. Sydney is like a phoenix, or a vampire; a Lazarus. I could go on and on with the mythical references, but the point is that Sydney is rising again, baby! It’s time for us all to start going out again.

Here are our top picks for things to do in our fair city in the coming weeks and weekends.

ab [intra] by Sydney Dance Company

ab [intra] is the first offering in 2018 from Sydney Dance Company, from the highly-acclaimed Spanish-born choreographer Rafael Bonachela. The performance is highly athletic and showcases the world standard of the choreography and artistry associated with the SDC. ab [intra] takes 17 dancers to the stage and asks: what drives you? From within? The offering is visually hypnotic, visceral and confronts the edges of our humanity.

ab [intra] kicks off it’s 2018 in Sydney on the 14th of May, followed by an extensive national tour. More info here.

1989 Arcade Bar and Kitchen

Newtown is famous for subcultures and late night hotspots but 1989 Arcade Bar and Kitchen is a scene unto itself. It’s a time capsule venue where the year is 1989 all the time. There’s junk food and retro consoles and the vibe is simply eternal fun from your childhood until forever.

Bondi to Bronte

Sydney is a beautiful city, as in Sydney is a city focused on beauty. Outer Beauty. This means a lot of people exercise all the time, whether they like it or not. So why not do the exercise you loathe in a setting you love? The Bondi to Bronte walk is lengthy enough to make you sweat – it’s 4kms one way and all ocean views and headlands. Feeling a bit goth? The path also runs through Waverley Cemetery, which is slightly morbid and also hauntingly beautiful. I’d call it something for everybody!

Alex Cameron Live in Concert

Alex Cameron’s music is special. His sound is all at once moody, spooky, tongue in cheek. It’s a wholly Australian sound, Cameron writing songs about lust, romance, longing and being a drunken disgrace. He now lives in NYC but is back in Sydney at the end of the month for the NSW leg of his Australian tour. Do not miss your chance to see this weird and wonderful Australian treasure.

More info here.

Sunrise on the Steps

Sydney Opera House is now dabbling in health and wellness. Tuesday to Friday mornings on the steps of the Opera House you can bend and flex with yoga, kickboxing or circuit training. There’s professional teachers with nous and vigour, plus the incredible vista of Sydney harbour to inspire you.

Sunrise on the steps is running now until Mid May.Details can be found at the Sydney Opera House website.