Social media has been nothing if not a figurative shit storm in recent times. And it seems like no magazine is safe from its wrath, whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter.

Satirical finance magazine and website, Hard Money Magazine, are the latest to cop the cold shoulder from Twitter, having been notified that their account is now “permanently closed”.

In light of the news, co-founder of Hard Money, as well as The Hard Times (satirical punk/rock magazine) and Hard Drive, Matt Saincome took to Twitter to address the ban.

He wrote, “Hey @TwitterSupport a satire news account I run called @hardmoneymag was suspended today. We appealed and got an email saying the account was permanently closed and to not email back. But we didn’t break any rules or receive any warnings. Case# 0195759746. Can you please help?”

Having not received a response from Twitter, Saincome followed up, “No word from Twitter yet. How long should I wait before chaining myself to the @TwitterSF doors and shrieking “Jack Dorsey fears moderately successful financial satire!” repeatedly at everyone who enters/exits?”

True to form, the Hard Money’s social media manager took to their website, writing an open letter requesting to have their account back.

They wrote, “Dear Jack Dorsey, today, I am guilty of two mistakes. First, I didn’t realize that I was logged in to the Hard Money account while attempting to send a message of a “personal” nature. Second, in my haste to send the message, I accidentally clicked your name instead of Bill Ackman’s.”

They continued, “Please note that the image you received was not intended for you, and it was not intended to be sent from the Hard Money business account. I would be forever grateful if we could put this unfortunate episode behind us and regain access to the Hard Money twitter account. Love, The Hard Money Social Media Manager.”

No but seriously, is anyone even safe anymore?