Thank the lord above that UNO has finally decided to remove politics from its game. It truly was the most political and contentious game in my family’s household. Even mentioning the word Uno near grandma would end up in rants about climate change.

Yep, it’s true, UNO have decided to remove the colours blue and red from the game for a brand new version they call Nonpartisan UNO. In the game you’ll only have the familiar yellow and green to concern yourself with, because even the mere shade of blue or red can cause political fury in the household. This way, everyone can agree… I guess?

Fear not though, red and blue have been replaced with a gorgeous shade of purple and orange. This way, nobody will be inclined to bring up politics at the game table. Unless you vote for the Greens… then you’re screwed I guess.

Nonpartisan UNO
Nonpartisan UNO, the Christmas gift for every family

Mattel has officially released their new, supposedly more politically neutral version of the card game, called UNO Nonpartisan.

The new version’s alteration in its bid for apolitical acceptance is the change from the traditional red and blue cards to purple and orange cards. This move away from the clearly political colours of red and blue should help keep families from getting too political around the holidays.

The game also introduces a brand new card in case anything controversial or political comes up during your gameplay. Introducing the Veto card, a new addition unique to Uno Nonpartisan.  When you lay down this brand new card, you can skip the turn of anyone who is bringing politics up during your game of UNO. We just can’t have that kind of behaviour gran, get lost.

Thank God for this edition of the game, cause now I can play a peaceful game of UNO with the fam without having to bring up the failings of Scomo as my house sets on fire and I heave in catastrophic smoke fumes 🙂